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PHP-based Network Daemons

PInetd (Portable INET Daemon) is an Open Source server framework & daemon written in PHP, allowing anyone to easily create a TCP server, UDP server, daemon, etc.
You can either use it as a developper, and build your own application or as a system administrator with one of the many included daemons.

Included Daemons

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SimpleFTPd (port 21)

Small FTP daemon named SimpleFTPd, and which is able to use a SQL database as backend.

  • FTPd : requires nothing, uses system logins
  • FTPd_SQL : uses SQL, allow to put a query in XML file to define how logins are looked up

This FTP daemon was initially written to allow access to websites hosted by a few companies, including the french company Kalyweb when it was still existing.

Portable Mail Daemon (PMaild)

This mail server listens on ports 25 (smtp) and 110 (pop3) providing the following features :

  • POP boxes
  • POP alias
  • Wildcard alias("default")
  • Mail forwarding to different mailbox on different domain using internal Mail Transfer Agent
  • HTTP mail target, allowing to forward an email to an HTTP address
  • SpamAssassin

And many more...


SVN (stable) :

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